Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Treats - Cupcake Bites! and more

I know this is a little late, this last week has been crazy!!! My hubby was gone all week so I was in single mom mode and it was my first week back to school since I had surgery AND it was Valentine's Day! TRIPLE WHAMMY!!!!
I am CRAZY and decided to make mini cupcake bites

I made them for both of my kiddos classes (1st and 3rd grade) and I really did enjoy it but they take a LONG time. I was excited to see how cute and tasty they turned out. This was my first time to make them. I will make them again! I need to figure out how much to charge for them because I have had a few people mention they might want to order some. If you have any suggestions or know what you would be willing to pay please leave a comment!

On top of the cupcake bites I also made play doh for my students and packaged them for a little V-Day gift for my babies from another mother :) OK OK they aren't really babies anymore but they were when I first had them in class 2 years ago. You might check on me in May, I don't think I will be able to let these kiddos move on to 3rd grade without falling into some major depression. :( Can I really do this every two years???

* My kids "helping" me with the play doh and the final product
All in all I really LOVE Valentine's Day!!!!

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  1. Beautiful job. You're so lucky you get to take anything homemade. Morris won't allow homemade anymore. ): Bet the kids loved them. Uh, my google account is not my name. This is me...Diana Force!