Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Cupcake CAKE POPS!!!
1st attempt at Kids Cake POPS!
CAKE POPS by Bakerella

Ok - I am totally in love with BAKERELLA! I mean who isn't....right??
Well my sweet hubby bought me her fabulous book and I highly recommend it.
They take a long time but it's pretty fun!!!


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL. I wish I had the patience for this. You definitely need to open a cupcake shop. Can I hire you to make cupcakes for Elsa's birthday celebration at preschool? Her birthday isn't until April so you will have plenty of time!

  2. I seriously just yelled " YAY!!!" out loud!!! I would absolutely LOVE to! Let me know what kind you want and I will start practicing. Also, tell me what kind of decorations you want. I totally love you right now!

  3. These are impressive!! They look so professional! This is Kathy Tomlinson! lol..I use Lakegirl as my blog

  4. UMMM LOVE these!!!! You rock, Suzanne!!! And p.s. Can I come pick your brain before I graduate and maybe "Steal" a few ideas from you!!!!!

  5. Thanks Kathy and Claire!
    Claire- You are more than welcome to come any time!!! Let me know when:)